Oukje van 't Pachthof 6 months

best puppy Clubmatch BKZS

daughter of Lippe and

Champion Lennox van 't Pachthof





Welcome to our website


Like you already suspect from our kennel name, we live in an old farm (pachthof) where our Bernese can run around as they please.

All our puppies are raised in our home, so they can get used to the daily noises and habits of the human life.


We breed this lovely breed since 1991 and in the meantime we have bred several Multi Champions, according to the club rules and also by being strict in selecting the parent dogs, which we are very proud off.


If you would like to purchase a Bernerpuppie as pet or show dog, with a good and stable character, you can always contact us.


We want to give our special thanks to our friends, Mieke & Christof and Glenn for the care for several of our dogs and retirements. Thanks to their passion for the Bernese it is possible for us to put more good dogs in our breeding program. The litters are always born and raised at our kennel.


Mieke & Christof


Ann & Glenn